The Truth About Golf – an AJ Golf DVD

The Truth About Golf is an instructional DVD set produced by AJ Golf, featuring teaching pro AJ Bonar.

It has been around for at least 10 years and has reportedly sold over 1 million copies.

We recently saw their 30 minute infomercials running on The Golf Channel, so we thought it was time to take it for a test drive!

The Truth About Golf

Like most infomercial products, AJ Golf’s “The Truth About Golf” makes some pretty bold claims.

This 118 minute video claims to teach you the “magic move” to golfing success.

The “magic move” consists of aggressively rolling your hands over through impact… or releasing the golf club.

Bonar then breaks that down into simpler steps:

  1. Start with an open club face and keep it open on the backswing
  2. Hit down on the golf ball
  3. About two or three feet before your hands reach impact, assertively rotate them toward the target

The rest of the video expands on these ideas and gives you some drills to help learn the swing.

How The Truth About Golf Performed

We tested it with golfers of varying skill levels and with generally good although varied results.

On the positive side, the swing is general enough that golfers of all shapes and sizes can benefit. It focuses on a few key ideas rather than force everyone into the same cookie-cutter swing.

What People Are Saying About The Truth About Golf

A google search for “The Truth About Golf” reveals very mixed opinions about the product. While we found some very positive feedback, we also found a lot of negative reviews from average golfers.

According to Golf Magazine, “While our Top 100 Teachers like much in his method, some call the key move tough to time and only suggest it for better players.”


The program sells for $89.95, which is more expensive than many comparable products.

Your order also comes with a Short Game bonus video, 2 golf balls, and a subscription to Golf Tips Magazine (5 issues that you can get for $12.97 separately).


  • Core principle of “not one perfect swing” is a good foundation
  • Videos are short and easy to watch


  • More expensive than comparable products
  • Not as comprehensive as some of the other video programs

The Bottom Line:

The Truth About Golf is a bit of a controversial instruction program. It has been praised by some, but dismissed by others. At $90 it is more expensive and less comprehensive than some of the other options.

You can place an order or learn more at their website here.

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3 Responses to The Truth About Golf – an AJ Golf DVD

  1. Clint Cheshire April 28, 2014 at 11:00 am #

    I am neither a golf teacher nor sell golf equipment or merchandise. Like everything in sports, if you have the time to practice, AJ’s golf teaching can bring order out of the chaos of most golf teaching. In my opinion most golf pros don’t really want to teach older adults golf because they don’t see them putting in the time to practice and thus giving up. So they would rather teach wide eyed youngsters who will have endless time to practice and eventually justify their teaching method by “getting it” through long hours of individual practice. My experience with AJ’s teaching was terrific though it does take some work to find the correct timing for your own individual situation. BUT IT DOES WORK exactly like he says it will. A very useful golf teaching tool, and in comparison to golf lessons, a very reasonable price.

    • Martin Davies November 25, 2014 at 11:25 am #

      In reply to Clint Cheshire review I must agree that it does work exactly as AJ says.
      I too am not a professional or connected with the trade and play off a 7 handicap and found the difference to my ball striking was impressive and it simplified the whole swing mechanics.
      Thoroughly recommend to golfers of any level.

  2. Martin Davies April 21, 2015 at 9:09 pm #

    Not a pro or connected to AJ Golf in any way except that I have bought any and anything connected with “The Truth”.

    I was a 6 handicap golfer since I was 15 and still am at 56 . The Truth has totally transformed my thinking on golf and made me more consistent – my short game prevents me from progressing.

    Buy it and start believing – ever thought it can’t be that hard to be play golf? Then start the journey to understanding – simply – how golf should be played.

    It is the real deal.

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