Bushnell Tour Z6 Laser Rangefinder

There are few things more frustrating in golf than hitting a great shot only to have it fly the green or come up short simply because you had the wrong yardage.

Enter the Bushnell Tour Z6 Laser Rangefinder.

Bushnell Tour Z6

Let’s face it, you don’t always have time to walk off yardages and even when you do, you can’t always be sure where the pin is on the green. Using a laser rangefinder takes all of the guesswork out of getting your distance.

We took the Bushnell Tour Z6 for a test drive and were very impressed!

The Bushnell Tour Z6 is small, lightweight, and easy to use. The 6x magnification and PinSeeker Technology (PST) make locking in on the flag easy. We used it in a variety of lighting conditions and never had any trouble getting the correct yardage.

The display is crisp and very easy to read, providing yardages to the 1/10 of yard accuracy.

It is also waterproof, with RainGuard HD lens coating, and features an improved rubber armored metal housing designed to provide maximum protection and unparalleled grip comfort.

At $399 it is less expensive than many of the alternatives and a great option for the serious golfer or weekend hacker alike.

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  1. Brian jame November 13, 2015 at 6:37 am #

    I’m using this Bushnell Tour Z6 and i’m totally satisfied with it.

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