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Benderstik Training Aid Review

The Benderstik is a popular training aid that you might have seen advertised on the Golf Channel. It consists of a large foam ball at the end of a bendable rod that can be contorted in various ways to train different aspects of your swing. It was created by golf instructor Mike Bender. Mike is a […]

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tour angle 144

Tour Angle 144 Review

The Tour Angle 144 is a training aid designed to “promote perfect posture, a unified take-a-way and teach you to hold a powerful angle until impact with every club.” It’s frequently advertised on the Golf Channel and so we thought we’d take it for a test drive here at Golfer Reviews! The Tour Angle 144 is a […]

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SKLZ Golf Gold Flex

SKLZ Golf Training Aid – The Gold Flex

SKLZ is a company that sells a variety of golf training aids. One of their more popular training aids is The Gold Flex. The Gold Flex is very similar to the Orange Whip… another training aid we recently tested at How the SKLZ Gold Flex Performed We tested the SKLZ Gold Flex on golfers […]

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Orange Whip Golf Training Aid

Orange Whip Training Aid

The Orange Whip is a popular training aid designed to improve your balance, clubhead speed, and rhythm. It is frequently advertised on TV and has received a lot of positive reviews online… so we thought we’d test it out for ourselves! The Orange Whip is a flexible shaft that is weighted at each end. It […]

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Swingyde Golf Training Aid Review

Swingyde Golf Training Aid

The Swingyde is a small plastic device that attaches to your golf club and is designed to train your wrist hinge and face alignment throughout your swing. It is frequently advertised on TV and has received positive reviews on amazon and other sites so we decided to take it for a test drive. How the […]

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Medicus Dual-Hinge Driver

Medicus Dual-Hinge Driver Review

If you’ve ever watched the Golf Channel – heck, if you’ve ever watched TV – you’ve no doubt seen informercials for Medicus. According to their website, the Medicus Dual-Hinge Driver is the best selling golf training aid of all time. So while there is no doubt they are great at marketing, we wanted to find […]

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