The Mud Weasel Golf Ball Retriever

If you are looking for a golf ball retriever, you can’t do much better than the Mud Weasel.

Actually golf ball retriever is a bit of a misnomer… the Mud Weasel is more of a golf ball FINDER. Let me explain…

When I say “golf ball retriever” you probably are picturing that frustrating situation when you see your shiny new Pro V1 a few feet away from the edge of the pond. And for this, your typical golf ball retriever works just fine.

Well the Mud Weasel works just fine for that type of retrieving as well…

It has all of the features of the traditional golf ball retriever. The neck extends up to 15 feet but also retracts to fit nicely in your golf bag. It also comes in a compact version which telescopes to 9 feet.

But the Mud Weasel really shines at retrieving balls from muddy, swampy, or buried lies.

Mud Weasel Golf Ball Retriever

The secret lies in the unique head design. Most golf ball retrievers have that bright orange basket-like head. The Mud Weasel takes a completely different approach. The head is a wheel-like contraption that rolls along the bottom of the pond or lake and can hold up to 4 golf balls at the same time.

The inside of the wheel features a rubber flap that ingeniously lets balls in and keeps them there.

The result is a highly effective, easy to use retriever.

I took the Mud Weasel down to my local par-3 course for a test drive…

The course gets a lot of play from beginner golfers, so I knew the pond on the 180-yard 7th hole would be full of balls. But the pond is murky and you can’t see the bottom… a traditional golf ball retriever would be useless.

It was the perfect place to put the Mud Weasel to the test!

The result?

Mud Weasel Golf Ball Retriever

In 15 minutes I pulled out 47 golf balls.

Now granted, about half of these were beat up and had likely been down there for years…

But I also found 11 Titleists, 6 Top Flites, and another half-dozen Pinnacles that were all in very usable condition.

Priced at $24.95, the Mud Weasel easily pays for itself in golf balls. If you don’t mind playing slightly used golf balls, you may never need to purchase new ones again!

Bottom Line:

If you like the idea of finding hidden treasures, the Mud Weasel is the golf ball retriever for you!

You can buy it directly at There is also a link on there to find a retailer near you that carries the Mud Weasel.

Happy Retrieving!

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