Revolution Golf VIP Membership Review


Revolution Golf is a very large online golf instruction site, with many product offerings. This review is of their VIP Membership, a monthly membership program that includes instructional videos, proprietary software for tracking your golf rounds, and discounted equipment offers.

Like most of the online golf schools, your purchase gets you a login to the membership site where you can access the library of video lessons from your web browser.

Quality of Instruction: The quality of instruction at Revolution Golf is outstanding. They have a large community of golfers and the budget to go along with it. Many of the videos feature top-ranked instructor Jim McLean and his staff.

There is a tremendous amount of content on just about every topic you can think of.

Ease of Use: The Revolution Golf website is beautiful and well designed. The production quality of the videos is high and everything is nicely organized so you can search by topic, teacher, or key word.

One major difference from the other sites is that there isn’t a cohesive “system” to follow. Whereas most of the competing sites focus on one coach or one specific golf system, the Revolution Golf VIP area feels more like a golf-themed youtube. There is an enormous video library which can be a bit overwhelming at times.

For example, a search for something as simple as full swing lessons could easily turn up a dozen separate choices, from 3 different coaches. While all of these lessons are pretty good, it isn’t clear where to begin and choosing which lessons to watch can be confusing.

Customer Reviews: Overall the customer reviews we found were generally positive. There were a few complaints here and there about poor customer service, but for a company the size of Revolution Golf that is not uncommon at all. We checked around and Revolution Golf has a long track record and good reputation in the industry. The consensus seems to be that the VIP membership is a quality product.

Value: The Revolution Golf Vip Membership is a monthly membership that costs $15 per month. It’s important to understand that you have to continue paying the monthly rate to access the instruction. And while they do continuously add new content, the real “meat” is the content that is available on day 1. In order to retain access to the original content you have to continue paying the monthly rate, and so the total cost of the Revolution Golf system can quickly exceed the cost of competing sites, most of which provide lifetime access for a one-time payment.


  • Instruction from Jim McLean and his staff is top rate
  • Large budget means high quality website, lots of extra features, and frequent content updates
  • Enormous library of videos


  • Requires continued membership at $15/month – quickly becomes more expensive than competitors
  • Sheer volume of content can be overwhelming
  • Not an obvious system to follow – feels more like a massive library of golf tips instead of a coherent system for improvement

The Bottom Line

Overall, the quality of instruction and the general site layout make this a good option. It’s great if you’re a golf instruction junkie or if you have a ton of time to explore different swing styles. But because of the total cost and the lack of a coherent coaching “system,” it isn’t our #1 choice.

Visit the Revolution Golf website to learn more.

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One Response to Revolution Golf VIP Membership Review

  1. Peer Voss July 14, 2013 at 12:24 am #

    Well said, Dave Walker.
    I bought in with the intent to download a few videos (as it is advertised before the purchase). Then I noticed that I had to be a VIP to download.
    I tried to contact for a refund, based on the “iron clad money back guarantee, no questions asked” and instead of an answer I received a canned email, telling me their customer service is overwhelmed.
    This company is not customer friendly at all.
    If ever asked I would highly recommend to stay away.
    Peer Voss

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