SKLZ Golf Training Aid – The Gold Flex

SKLZ is a company that sells a variety of golf training aids.

One of their more popular training aids is The Gold Flex.

The Gold Flex is very similar to the Orange Whip… another training aid we recently tested at

SKLZ Golf Gold Flex

The SKLZ Gold Flex

Orange Whip Golf Training Aid

The Orange Whip

How the SKLZ Gold Flex Performed

We tested the SKLZ Gold Flex on golfers of different ability levels with good results.

The Gold Flex, much like the Orange Whip, works like a pendulum of sorts.

The weights on the ends of the flexible shaft give it a natural rhythm. It feels very smooth when you swing with this natural rhythm. But if you try to fight the pendulum, you get rather jarring feedback.

The effect is a bit like pushing a child on a playground swing. If you push too early, you will get knocked backwards. If you push too late, you don’t add much power and will fall forward chasing the swing.

Similarly, if you start your downswing too quickly with your arms (ie, come “over the top”), the Gold Flex will pull you off balance.

The same thing happens if your lower body gets too far ahead of your upper body.

After a few weeks of regular use, our testers found they had improved their timing and tempo.

The SKLZ Gold Flex is also designed to:

  • Fight slices and flatten the swing
  • Improve kinetic sequencing
  • Strengthen core golf muscles and promote flexibility
  • Low-impact stretch for pre-round warm-up

It is difficult to analyze “kinetic sequencing” but our testers did find the Gold Flex to be an effective stretching device and a moderate-intensity workout for the core muscles.


The SKLZ Gold Flex sells for $69.99 and can be found on their website here.

The very similar Orange Whip sells for $109, making the SKLZ Gold Flex a good option if you are looking to save some money.


  • Easy to use
  • Less expensive than very similar Orange Whip training aid
  • Can be used along with other training aids/methods


  • Not as comprehensive a solution as other options

The Bottom Line

The SKLZ Gold Flex is effective at teaching the tempo and timing of your golf swing. It is also an effective pre round stretching tool.

We would recommend it as a complement to your training if you are looking to improve your tempo!

However if you are looking for a comprehensive solution, there may be a better option for you…

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